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Share your work with readers in Marion County and libraries across Florida. Select books will be available nationwide!

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Bring your book to life with Pressbooks!

Use this web-based tool to create, edit, format and generate your book in all the formats you need to publish.

When you are ready to share your book, upload it directly to Biblioboard and the Indie Author Project from Pressbooks.

Discover books from self-published authors and browse content from the Indie Author Project, view the Historic Marion County Digital Collection and other community curations.

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Self-publish your e-book through the library

To find great e-books from local and national independent authors, visit our BiblioBoard site or download the BiblioBoard Library app! If you're curious about how to submit your e-book to the BiblioBoard platform, please read on!

Format your manuscript

Create, edit and format your book as print or e-book! Pressbooks is a free, web-based tool that you can use to prepare your manuscript for e-book distribution or on-demand printing.

Whether you want complete control over your content or the ability to collaborate with other authors and editors, Pressbooks provides the help you need!

You can start using Pressbooks no matter where you are in the writing process. There's no need for separate word-processing software. Bonus: when you are ready to release your book to the world, you can submit your e-book to the Indie Author Project directly from the Pressbooks site.

Submit your e-book

Marion County Public Library System partners with Library Journal and the Indie Author Project to help readers discover local authors like you.

Submit your e-book via the Indie Author Project for inclusion in this online collection. Once accepted, your work will appear in the Indie Florida Collection and be available to readers in Marion County and throughout Florida. The best of these books will also make their way into Library Journal's Indie Author Project Select collection, available to readers throughout the U.S.

Once submitted, your book will enter the review process and, in 4–6 weeks, you will be notified if it is an Indie Author Project Selection.

IAP Expert Sessions

A recurring webinar series for experienced, beginning, or soon-to-be authors of any genre, at any stage in the writing process.

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